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Fine Artist, Classical, Traditional Panel Paintings Of Divine Figures, Egg Tempera, Gold Gilding, Writer, Teacher.

I Wanted To Be A Writer

I always had the dream of becoming a writer, never suspecting that writing would turn out to look like a piece of art. In all the world, we could never expect, in our own thoughts or actions what God has in store for us, or what they will look like, and how our gifts will […]


Disappointment & His Appointment To Over Come

We all experience disappointment at times, it is easy to get angry by a problem that arises in life or work. I experience many issues around the technical part of my work, someday s it looks like I painted with a yam, gold application pucker, wood cracking, rejection and at times, it seems as if […]

Saint Nicholas Icon

St Nicholas ~ Featured Icon

  St Nicholas the Wonderworker and Archbishop of Myra in Lycia   Painted in 2005 this icon was my fist attempt at a more classical style of icon painting. The approach is different from the style I had used before, with more concentration on the classical traditional, thicker paint applications, structured, specific, concentrated lines, a clarity that invites, transparent […]