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Enlighten and direct my soul


Jesus Love In Living Color

Today I saw a sweet little girl, about seven or eight years old, dressed in pink and purple, wearing a hat, with cowboy boots on her feet, walk straight up to a homeless man and give him a hug. It totally took me by surprise. It appeared as if they were related but, they were […]

Myrrh Streaming Icon Of St. Nicholas

MYRRH STREAMING ICON OF ST. NICHOLAS  My dear brothers and sisters in the living Christ, Glory be to God.  The New Testament is filled with the miracles performed by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ during His earthly ministry of three years.  These miracles did not end with the death and   This is the […]

Legacy ~ Lineage

Being a traditionalist it is important for me to have found a master teacher who taught me the icon painting process. When we work in a tradition, it is a responsibility to up hold its integrity.  A place keeper or holding to the work is the true essence in traditional iconography or any other traditional work. […]