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Enlighten and direct my soul

The Highlight In Icon Painting

In my first attempt to paint an icon, I thought to myself, “I was a spiritual person this will be a breeze for me”. Wrong! I fumbled so badly it hurt. For me learning iconography was the beginning of a long, enduring, and humbling experience. Then not knowing what I was asking for, my thoughts quickly moved […]

Mary Wore Different Colored Dresses

If we look inside our closets we will see an array of colors, fabrics, and textures that make up our personal wardrobe.  Most of the time I wear black. Wearing black makes me look thinner, it is crisp and takes me out of the picture while putting someone else in it.  I found my self […]

Icons Are A Bridge

  When we look at a bridge we see a structure joining two separate places together. Bridges are a great way to get from one place to another. The Dictionary’s definition of a bridge states this;  a bridge is a structure carrying a road, path, railroad, or canal across a river, ravine, road, railroad, or other obstacle. In most […]