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Fine Artist, Classical, Traditional Panel Paintings Of Divine Figures, Egg Tempera, Gold Gilding, Writer, Teacher.

Saint Nicholas Icon

St Nicholas ~ Featured Icon

  St Nicholas the Wonderworker and Archbishop of Myra in Lycia   Painted in 2005 this icon was my fist attempt at a more classical style of icon painting. The approach is different from the style I had used before, with more concentration on the classical traditional, thicker paint applications, structured, specific, concentrated lines, a clarity that invites, transparent […]


Colors & Joy & Light

Pigments and colors long primitive start represented life on earth. After the birth of Christ color is used for documenting a legend, stories told, recorded through the icon painting. A traditional palette, joyfully quiet, designed by artists hands from early centuries, made from earthen mineral pigments, used today to represent the life of Christ, biblical […]


A Look At A Modern Iconographer

From; A Look At A Modern Iconographer No! I don’t cover my head while I paint, I give my self, I surrender, fully & sit in silence, and pray while I paint. I did cover my head in church when I was a little girl, it was a tradition, a physical shade, beautifully, made of […]